Great cider  is just about the most perfect drink. It's just a whisper of apples, almost like a memory with a passing sweetness, quickly opening up to a dry, tart bubble with mouth scrubbing tannins. The lasting impression is something like a walk in an old orchard, crisp fall air, a wet footfall, warm sunshine. Those are the ciders we want to make -- ones that will stay on your mind and tweak your imagination.

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Light of the Moon.png

Light of the Moon

7.6% ABV

Our own cider orchard apples, such as Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Kingston Black and a dozen others are blended with heirloom Newtown Pippins grown in nearby Hood River Valley to make this complex, brightly flavorful flagship cider. Naturally sparkled in the bottle. Dry.


Double Gold/Heritage, Traditional Apple: SIP Best of the Northwest, 2019


Silver Medal: Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, 2017, 2018

Old Hoot.png

Old Hoot

7.3% ABV

Our English-style cider with true farmhouse personality. It is unfiltered and rustic, yet light and quaffable and lets our true cider apple flavors show through. We would call it a scrumpy, but it really has time and sophistication on its side. Naturally sparkled in the bottle. Dry.


Judges Pick/Heritage: SIP Best of the Northwest, 2017

Cherry Twang.png

Cherry Twang

7.8% ABV

Our Mosier orchard is in the heart of cherry country. We ferment dried sweet cherries along with our fresh crushed apples in the fall, giving this cider its twang. The cherry comes through in deep notes of stone fruit and a subtle hint of dark cherry sweetness, though this cider is dry. Naturally sparkled in the bottle.

Crab Nebula.png

Crab Nebula

7.3% ABV

Crab apples are sweet bombs with high acidity, and the high skin to flesh ratio provides good tannins, structure, and refreshment. We use our orchard crab apples blended with Newtown Pippins and other heritage apples. Naturally sparkled in the bottle. Dry.


Silver Medal/Heritage: Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, 2019


Judges Pick/Heritage: SIP Best of the Northwest, 2018

Twelve Quince.png

Twelve Quince

6.9% ABV

We hand-pick fresh quince from our neighbor’s orchard, shred it and ferment it along with our apples in the fall to bring their tannins and aroma to this cider. Quince is refreshing and unique, with a distinct floral aroma. Naturally sparkled in the bottle. Dry.

Hop Yall.png

Hop Y'all

6.9% ABV

Citra, Crystal, and Amarillo hops give Hop Y’all its gust of floral aroma followed by delicate, herbal flavors. We infuse our heritage apple cider with whole cone hops until just the right notes are played. Naturally sparkled in the bottle. Dry.


Gold Medal/Hopped: Portland International Cider Cup, 2019

Liter 1.png

Black Currant Twang

6.9% ABV, 1L growler or keg only

We infuse our heirloom apple cider with Oregon black currants to give it its tartness and berry notes. Lightly sweetened with local honey and flavored with a brief infusion of fresh rosemary.

Liter 4.png

Bergamot Oak

7.3% ABV, 1L growler or keg only

Light toast French oak chips are first soaked in essence of Bergamot, then they are infused in our heirloom apple cider. Lightly sweetened with clarified organic apple juice.

Liter 4.png

Elderflower Pear

7.3% ABV, 1L growler or keg only

Fresh, in season pears and dried elderflowers are immersed in our heirloom apple cider, giving it a light pear sweetness and the beautiful florals of elderflower.

Liter 4.png

Peach Twang

7.4% ABV, 1L growler or keg only

Fresh local peaches when they are at the peak of ripeness are allowed to macerate in our Newtown Pippin apple cider along with fresh thyme. The peach’s natural sugars lightly sweeten this seasonal cider.

Liter 4.png

Toasty Pear

7.3% ABV, 1L growler or keg only

Pears baked with maple syrup and sprinkled with cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves are immersed in our heirloom cider, making this seasonal holiday cider.

Liter 3.png

Dark Winter Cherry

7.4% ABV, 1L growler or keg only

Dark sweet dried cherries, along with French oak chips that have been soaked in bourbon, are infused in our Newtown Pippin apple cider – our answer to the early sunsets of mid-winter.

Liter 1.png

Summer Cherry

7.2% ABV, 1L growler or keg only

We like to use our local fruit star, the cherry, in as many ways as possible. This height of summer seasonal is made with fresh picked cherries from our neighbor’s orchard, slightly crushed, and immersed in our Newtown Pippin cider along with fresh summer mint.