1084 Quartz Drive   I   Mosier, OR 97040

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Our ciders are alcoholic. You must be 21 or older to drink our products. Thanks!

Runcible Cider is our farm and cidery on the rocky prairie above beautiful, tiny Mosier, Oregon. We are still a somewhat small orchard with about 1000 young cider apple trees. We're growing along with our trees, and fermenting our own cider apples as well as heritage apples grown on neighboring orchards in the Columbia River Gorge. We'd been traveling to the Gorge for years from our home in Southern California, and in 2010 had the good luck to find a small cherry orchard in the National Scenic Area. We'd always talked about starting a small family business, and Runcible Cider seemed like a natural. We now have 1,000 traditional cider apple trees planted and more to be planted in the coming years.

Here's what we're after:

Make great cider that makes people smile and want more

Use local everything, from apples to graphic designers

Meet our cider drinkers and fold them into our cider community

Dance by the light of the moon*

* Lines from "The Owl and the Pussycat" which are engraved on our wedding rings

Rob Miller & Kelly McCune


Kelly has a background in food writing but has long wished to manufacture a food product. The purchase of their orchard some years ago set the wheels in motion to plant cider apples and build a small, family farmhouse cidery. Her Kentucky grandfather returned to farming mid-life, drank from a natural spring to "restore his bodily limes," and lived well into his

90s – inspiration for a life with challenge, humor, and plenty of fresh air. Rob is working with our orchard manager to grow the best possible ingredients for our ciders.

nathan yoder

illustrator/designer of all things runcible

Nathan Yoder is an illustrator and designer currently based in Seattle, Washington. Growing up in Oklahoma, Nathan pulls inspiration from the blue collar, hands on, middle American lifestyle that was such a big part of his upbringing. After university, Nathan worked as a graphic designer at a small agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma before reconnecting with his first love of hand drawn art. What began as quick sketches to pass the time eventually evolved into the pursuit of illustration and lettering as a full time job. Fast forward four years to today; Nathan is now self employed working under the name Yondr Studio for clients such as Nike, Field And Stream, Popular Science, Element, and Miller Coors while also juggling the constant flow of self initiated projects.