THE MOSIER CLIFFSand the old quarry, the giant basalt blocks lining Mosier Creek, the carved-out tunnels along old Highway 30 – these are part of the rich geologic history on display in our tiny town. The soil up on Rocky Prairie, our unique micro terrain, is mineral rich soil dotted with volcanic boulders. But Runcible Farm's small valley has captured the gradual erosion of soil and volcanic minerals from our surrounding hills, creating rich topsoil. This is what feeds the apples we're growing, giving our fruit its own particular flavor.  


FOR WELL OVER A CENTURYthe Hood River Valley and Mosier hills have been prime environments for apples, pears, cherries, and many other fruits. There’s something in the soil, the environment, and the weather that makes the area an orchard jewel. Our trees still have a few years to reach full maturity, but they are thriving and happy next to our Lapin cherry trees.

We’ve planted all the trees on dwarf and semi-dwarf stock and secured them to trellises – more like a vineyard than an orchard. Fitting since cider is a fruit wine!

our cider apples so far:

Bulmer’s Norman



Kingston Black


Porter’s Perfection

Roxbury Russet

Wickson Crab

Yarlington Mill

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Our ciders are alcoholic. You must be 21 or older to drink our products. Thanks!